a life well shared

I am lucky to have some totally awesome friends in my life. Friends who help me in ways I would have never known; their skills constantly amaze and inspire me. I’m sure you have some of these friends too, ones who have stood the test of time, and even if you don’t catch up everyday, when you do, it’s like no time has passed at all.

One of these amazing friends of mine is Sarah, who I have known since the very start of school when we were just little 5 year old kidlets.

I have many great memories of Sarah; watching my first true scary movie, ‘Scream’ at one of her sleepover parties (none of us could sleep, especially next to the huge glass door in her bedroom, let alone go to the bathroom on our own), many a giggly adventure on some school music trip, birthday parties rollerskating in our home town; and newer memories of her at our wedding, at our kids birthday parties and being dubbed ‘Aunty Sarah’ and attending her own amazing wedding, complete with flash mob wedding dance (trust me, she’s awesome).

What fun it’s been to know her over the years, to share my childhood life and now my adult life with her. How we have changed, how we have grown.

She is now an amazing writer and actress, who puts on these hilarious shows which so often remind me of that shared childhood. She also just happens to be one of the best photographers I know.

I am so super lucky that after a life well shared she has been so generous and taken some beautiful photos for me of my cakes. Take a sneak peak at the latest photos, I’m so excited by them! She is a constant inspiration, in her drive, outlook and enthusiasm for life.


It’s so fun to be creative with some of your besties. Thanks Sar, you’re awesome! xx


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